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Free Ukrainian course

This free course will help you to start learning Ukrainian in easy and convenient way. You will learn how to read in Ukrainian and understand spoken language, learn basic grammar, vocabulary and useful phrases.

All materials (vocabulary lists, grammar explanation, texts, dialogues, audios, tests and practice exercises with answers) are on our website, so you can access them whenever you want.

  • The most useful vocabulary and grammar
  • New vocabulary is accompanied by pronunciation
  • Explanations with numerous examples and exercises
  • Texts and dialogues with audio

Lesson 0. Introduction

Lesson 1.1. Ukrainian alphabet

Lesson 1.2. Letters х, г, ґ NEW

Lesson 2. Basic Ukrainian reading rules

Lesson 3.1. Ukrainian Basic Phrases (Greetings, Acquaintance, Polite phrases)

Lesson 3.2. Ukrainian Basic Phrases (I understand, I speak)

Lesson 4. Acquaintance (dialogue)

Lesson 5.1. Cardinal numbers in Ukrainian

Lesson 5.2. Question words in UkrainianNEW

Lesson 5.3. Interrogative sentences (Questions) NEW

Lesson 6. Gender of Nouns in Ukrainian

Lesson 7. Plural form of Ukrainian Nouns

Lesson 8. Possessive pronouns

Lesson 9.1. My family

Lesson 9.2. First names, patronymics and family names NEW

Lesson 10.1. The verb “to be” in Ukrainian

Lesson 10.2. “I have” in Ukrainian

Lesson 11. Ukrainian Adjectives

Lesson 12. Verbs (present tense)

Lesson 13. Words order in Ukrainian sentences

Lesson 14. The Future Tense in Ukrainian

Lesson 15. Days of the week in Ukrainian

Lesson 16. Months in Ukrainian

Lesson 17. The Demonstrative Pronouns “цей” and “той”

Lesson 18. Adverbs of frequency in Ukrainian

Lesson 19. Alternation of у-в, і-й, з-із-зі NEW

Lesson 20. Can, may, need, must in Ukrainian NEW

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Interesting facts about Ukrainian language

Interesting facts about Ukrainian language
  1. The Ukrainian language is one of the most beautiful: it ranks second in the world in melody (after Italian) and third in beauty of vocabulary (after French and Persian).
  2. Modern Ukrainian contains about 256 thousand words.
  3. In terms of vocabulary, Ukrainian is most closely related to Belarusian – 84% of the common vocabulary, with Polish and Serbian we have 70% and 68% of common words, meanwhile with Russian – 62%.
  4. The first words of the Ukrainian language were described by a Byzantine historian in 448 AD. The oldest mention of the Ukrainian language dates back to 858 AD.
  5. The first Ukrainian ABC book (“Азбука”) was printed in 1574 in Lviv by the first printer Ivan Fedorov. 
  6. For the first time, the Ukrainian language was equated to the level of the literary language at the end of the 18th century after the publication of the first edition of the «Eneida» in 1798, authored by Ivan Kotliarevskyi, who is considered the founder of the new Ukrainian literary language.
  7. Ukrainian language is older than Russian. Russian language comes from Ukrainian church speech (Church Slavonic) and a mixture of Tatar-Finnish.
  8. The modern Ukrainian language has three main dialects: northern, southwestern and southeastern.
  9. Taras Shevchenko’s “My Testament” (“Заповіт”) has been translated into 147 languages.
  10. According to various data, the Ukrainian language ranks 25th or 32nd in terms of the number of speakers among the most common languages in the world. Ukrainian is the mother language of 36-38 million people. Also 41-45 million people in the world speak Ukrainian.