Ukrainian verbs

Each Ukrainian verb has six forms in the present tense, one for each of the subject pronouns (1st, 2nd and 3rd persons, singular and plural). By looking at the ending of the verb we can tell the person and the number of the verb. This is called verb conjugation.

The Ukrainian Present tense is formed by adding personal Present tense endings to the stem of the verb.

Verbs are divided into two groups: first conjugation and second conjugation:

First conjugation

Most verbs which infinitives end in –ати, –яти, –вати.

In this type the ending –ти is dropped from the infinitive to derive the stem.

Second conjugation

Verbs which infinitives that end in –ити, –іти, –їти 

In this type the ending –ити is dropped from the infinitive to derive the stem.

  • Я читаю журнал. – I’m reading a magazine.
  • Ми вчимо українську мову. – We are learning the Ukrainian language.
  • Ми знаємо багато. – We know a lot.

List of useful verbs

  • читати – to read
  • писати – to write
  • знати – to know
  • вчити – to learn, study
  • робити – to do
  • працювати – to work
  • мати – to have
  • говорити – to speak
  • слухати – to listen
  • бачити – to see
  • розуміти – to understand
  • пам’ятати – to remember
  • відчувати – to feel
  • жити – to live
  • хотіти – to want
  • любити – to love
  • знайомитися – to be acquainted
  • грати – to play
  • відкривати – to open
  • закривати – to close


Put the verbs below into the person indicated in brackets

  1. Я (говорити).
  2. Ти (слухати).
  3. Він (знати).
  4. Ми не (розуміти).
  5. Вона (бачити).
  6. Ви (пам’ятати).
  7. Діти (грати).
  8. Він (знайомитися).
  9. Шо ти (робити)?
  10. Я (працювати)
  1. I am saying.
  2. You are listening.
  3. He knows.
  4. We do not understand.
  5. She sees.
  6. You remember.
  7. The children are playing.
  8. He is getting acquainted.
  9. What are you doing?
  10. I’m working.

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