The Ukrainian alphabet

The Ukrainian language uses the Cyrillic script and has an alphabet consisting of 33 letters. There are 22 consonants (Б В Г Ґ Д Ж З Й К Л М Н П Р С Т Ф Х Ц Ч Ш Щ), 6 hard vowels (А Е И І О У), 4 soft vowels (Є Ї Ю Я) and a soft sign.

Three of the letters, Ґ, Є and Ї, are unique Ukrainian.

If you wish to read Ukrainian, you need to learn the alphabet thoroughly. This table will help you to do so.

А а

“a” in “father” or “car”


Б б

“b” in “bit”

Банáн, Бéльгія

В в

“v” in “vine”

Водá, вікнó

Г г

“h” in “hood” (Sometimes like a “g” in “gate”)

Гóра, гімн

Ґ ґ

Hard “g” in “go”


Д д

“d” in “do”

Дáма, дім

Е е

“e” in “met”


Є є

“ye” in “yes”


Ж ж

“s” in “measure”, “pleasure” (As there is no english symbol for this sound, it is usually represented as “zh”)

Жýк, жирáфа

З з

“z” in “zoo”

Зáмок, Зíна

И и

“i” in “ill” (Said with your tongue slightly back in your mouth. There is no English symbol for this sound)

Ти, ми

І і

“ee” in “see”


Ї ї

“yie” in yield


Й й

“y” in “boy”


К к

“k” in “kitten”

Кóма, кінó

Л л

“l” in “lamp”

Лáмпа, лíжко

М м

“m” in “man”

Мáма, мíсто

Н н

“n” in “not”

Нови́ни, ня́ня

O o

“o” in “folk”


П п

“p” in “pet”

Пáва, пíсня

Р р

“r” in roll

Рот, ря́сно

С с

“c” in “city”

Спорт, сíм’я

Т т

“t” in “tap”

Такт, телефóн

У у

“oo” in “root”


Ф ф

“f” in “fine”

Флот, фінáнси

Х х

“h” in “hello”

Хор, хíмия

Ц ц

“ts” in “its”


Ч ч

“ch” in “chips”

Час, чек

Ш ш

“sh” in “ship”


Щ щ

“sh” in “sheer” (with your tongue on the roof of your mouth)

Щу́ка, щі

Ь ь

Soft Sign’ makes preceding consonant soft

Сіль, кінь

Ю ю

“u” in “use”


Я я

“ya” in “yard”



Read the following letters:
Бб, Кк, Aa, Гг, Нн, Ґґ, Дд, Ee, Жж, Вв, Фф, Оо, Зз, Сс, Йй, Лл, Рр, Ии, Мм, Уу, Пп, Тт, Чч, Хх, Цц, Чч, Іі, Шш, Щщ.

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