The verb “to be” in Ukrainian

Using “To Be” in the Present Tense

The verb “to be” is translated into Ukrainian as “бути”. “Бути” is the infinitive form of the verb. Its form in the present tense is completely different. It’s “є”:

Я є студент. – I am a student

But “to be” is omitted in the present tense:

  • Я студент. – I am a student
  • Він учитель – He is a teacher.
  • Сьогодні тепло – Today it’s warm.
Using “To Be” in the Past Tense

In the past tense, the verb “бути” becomes “був/була/було/були” depending on the gender of the noun:

  • Він був там. – He was there.
  • Вона була на уроці. – She was at the lesson.
  • Сонце було на небі. – The sun was in the sky.
  • Ми були в Україні. – We were in Ukraine.
Using “To Be” in the Future Tense

In the future tense, the verb “to be” takes different forms depending on the person:

I – я буду

you (sing.) – ти будеш

he/she/it – він/вона/воно буде

we – ми будемо

you (pl) / you (polite) – ви/Ви будете

they – вони будуть

  • Я буду вдома – I will be at home.
  • Ми будемо в театрі – We will be in the theater
  • Завтра буде тепло. – It will be warm tomorrow.

Note: There are only three tenses in the Ukrainian language: present, past, and future.


1. Put the verb “бути” into the Past tense (the person is indicated in brackets where necessary).

  1. Де ти, (Іван) _____ ?
  2. Я (Марія) ______ у парку.
  3. Чи ви ________ вже в цьому кафе ?
  4. Ми не ________ в центрі міста.
  5. Вони вчора _______ в кіно.
  6. Молоко _______ тепле.
  1. Where have you (Ivan) been?
  2. I (Maria) was in the park.
  3. Have you been to this cafe before?
  4. We were not in the city center.
  5. They were at the movies yesterday.
  6. The milk was warm.

 2. Put the verb “бути” into the Future tense.

  1. Де ми ______ завтра?
  2. Ти _______ завтра на роботі?
  3. Вони ______ в кафе.
  4. Я не ______ у школі завтра.
  5. Ви ______ у центрі міста.
  6. Вона _______ у парку.
  1. Where will we be tomorrow?
  2. Will you be at work tomorrow?
  3. They will be in a cafe.
  4. I will not be at school tomorrow.
  5. You will be in the city center.
  6. She will be in the park.

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