Individual (one-to-one)

ClassesPrice (EUR)
1 lesson of 30 min8
1 lesson of 60 min12
1 lesson of 90 min16
Standard course:
8 lessons of 60 min90
12 lessons of 60 min130
20 lessons of 60 min200
8 lessons of 90 min120
12 lessons of 90 min170
20 lessons of 90 min270
Semi-intensive course:
3 lessons of 120 min70
12 lessons of 120 min250
Intensive course: 
5 lessons of 180 min140
20 lessons of 180 min500

In group

ClassesPrice (EUR)
1 lesson of 60 min7
1 lesson of 90 min9,5
Standard course: 
8 lessons of 60 min55
12 lessons of 60 min80
20 lessons of 60 min120
8 lessons of 90 min70
20 lessons of 90 min160
Semi-intensive course: 
3 lessons of 120 min40
12 lessons of 120 min140
Intensive course: 
5 lessons of 180 min85
20 lessons of 180 min300

Payment methods: PayPal, via by credit / debit card or Apple / Google Pay

The rules of education in Uaru-online

For the convenience of our students and teachers, we have developed several rules for learning in our school.

  • The first 30-minute lesson is free. You can have it with a few different teachers if you want.
  • If you are not on time for trial lesson notify us and we will delay/cancel it. Otherwise, you`ll have to pay for the next lesson.
  • Classes are paid in accordance with your chosen education program.
  • All lessons are prepaid (except first 30-minute trial). After we agree on time and schedule, student will get an invoice by email. Bank charges (in case the payment is done via bank transfer) are to be covered by the participant.
  • If you cancel a lesson 4 hours prior to the lesson the payment is not charged. If the cancellation is performed later than 2 hours, you pay 50% of the cost of the lesson. If the lesson is scheduled for the morning till 12:00 (Kyiv time) you should give us a notice not later than 22:00 (Kyiv time) of the previous evening. If the student fails to inform us in advance that he wants to reschedule or cancel the lesson, the lesson is considered conducted and the lesson is debited from the student’s personal account. To cancel or reschedule the lesson you may notify any of our consultants via email or phone.
  • In case of technical problems during the lesson (for example, problems with communication, Internet, etc.), the lesson is postponed for another time.
  • If you pay for the classes in advance and do not get in touch within 30 days and/or do not warn about a break in the education the administration, funds for the paid study time are not refunded.
  • If you want to terminate your lessons, we will refund your money. Pay attention that the bank fees for the refund are paid by the student.
  • Applying for the trial lesson you agree to processes your personal data to replenish the customer base.

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