Ukrainian Possessive pronouns

The possessive pronouns in indicate that things belong to somebody or something else. In Ukrainian possessive pronouns (as adjectives) agree with nouns in gender, number and case.

Ukrainian Possessive pronouns
  • Чий це будинок? – Це наш будинок. – Whose house is this? – This is our house.
  • Чия це книга? – Це моя книга. – Whose book is this? – This is my book.
  • Чиє це вікно? – Це їхнє вікно. – Whose window is this? – This is their window.
  • Чиї це зошити? – Це її зошити. – Whose notebooks are these? – These are her notebooks.


1. Answer the questions below, using the appropriate possessive pronoun for the person in brackets, as shown in the example

  1. Чий це підручник? (я)
  2. Чия це ручка? (ти)
  3. Чий це ноутбук? (він)
  4. Чиї це діти? (вона)
  5. Чиє це радіо? (вони)
  6. Чия це квартира? (ми)
  7. Чиї це олівці? (ви)
  8. Чия це кава? (я)
  9. Чий це друг? (ми)
  10. Чия це подруга? (ти)
  1. Whose textbook is this?
  2. Whose pen is this?
  3. Whose laptop is this?
  4. Whose children are these?
  5. Whose radio is this?
  6. Whose apartment is this?
  7. Whose pencils are these?
  8. Whose coffee is this?
  9. Whose friend (male) is this?
  10. Whose friend (female) is this?

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