The Demonstrative Pronouns in Ukrainian

To indicate or point to someone or something in Ukrainian we use the demonstrative pronouns “цей” and “той”

Цей = this (describes a noun which is closer to the speaker)

Цей підручник новий. – This textbook is new.

Той = that (describe an object (noun) which is markedly removed in space or time from the speaker)

Той підручник старий. – That textbook is old.

Той is also used as the second element of an opposition

Цей підручник новий, а той підручник старий. – This textbook is new and that textbook is old.

"Цей" and "той" change form according to the noun's gender, number and case:

    Цей + masculine
         Цей буди́нок вели́кий. - This house is big
    Ця + feminine
         Ця кни́га ціка́ва. - This book is interesting.
    Це + neuter
         Це сло́во важли́ве. - This word is important.
    Ці + plural
        Ці студе́нти розу́мні. - These students are clever.

    Той + masculine
         Той буди́нок мале́нький. - That house is small
    Та + feminine
         Та кни́га нудна́. - That book is boring.
    Те + neuter
         Те сло́во до́вге. - That word is long.
    Ті + plural
        Ті студе́нти кмітли́ві. - Those students are smart

Declension of «цей»

Declension of «той»

“Це” = ‘This is’ and ‘These are’

Це новий підручник. – This is a new textbook.

Це нові підручники. – These are new textbooks.

“То” = ‘That is’ and ‘Those are’

То старий підручник. – That is an old textbook.

То старі підручники. – Those are old textbooks.

 NOTE: "Це" and "те" in the meaning "this is" and "that is" are unchangeable:
             Це нова книга. – This is a new book.
             Ця книга нова. – This shirt is book. 


1. Use “цей” in the correct form. Використайте “цей” у правильній формі

  1. Цей студент
  2. Ці зошити
  3. Ця квітка
  4. Це вікно
  5. Ця кішка
  6. Цей час
  7. Ці міста

2. Use “той” in the correct form. Використайте “той” у правильній формі

  1. Ті вулиці
  2. Та площа
  3. Той проспект
  4. Те слово
  5. Та крамниця
  6. Той супермаркет
  7. Ті магазини

3. Translate the sentences. Перекладіть речення.

  1. This is a big car.
  2. This is my new colleague.
  3. These pictures are very nice.
  4. These are interesting articles.
  5. This pen is black.
  6. Is that your bike?
  7. That bike is not mine.
  8. That coffee is very tasty.
  9. Those tasks are difficult.
  10. Those are my new neighbors.

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