Ukrainian and Russian online lessons

UARU-online offers personalized Ukrainian and Russian online classes in any comfortable for you place and in comfortable time. We know that everyone is unique and has their own way of learning a new language. That’s why we focus on individualized one-on-one sessions and small groups with a maximum of 4 students. In our personalized online classrooms, we can meet your needs and interests in the best way possible.

Our teachers are native Ukrainian and Russian speakers and specialists with teaching experience of 6 years and beyond.

Education is based on the communicative approach of foreign language teaching and structured in such a way that even beginners not only read and write, but also speak a foreign language. During classes, the emphasis is on all basic language skills, namely speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing.  It helps students to achieve the required level of language competence, the ability to perceive foreign speech, correctly build phrases, and have a sufficient and diverse vocabulary.

Various additional elements, audio and video materials help to make classes interesting at all levels. That allows students to immerse themselves in the language environment faster, develop language thinking and overcome the language barrier.

General Ukrainian / Russian online course (all levels):

  • practical understanding of the language;
  • speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing.

Business Ukrainian / Russian online Course (levels A2-C1):

  • business vocabulary;
  • tips about local business structure;
  • official communication;
  • writing an email or article/essay.

Ukrainian / Russian online Course for travelling (all levels):

  • basic language tips;
  • vocabulary for everyday usage;
  • tips about the local culture and customs.

How the lessons go

Before the lesson the teacher sends you necessary files which are going to be used in class. At the beginning of the lesson the teacher calls you.

During classes, the emphasis is on all basic language skills, namely speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing. 

The teacher will write all the tips, comments, as well as new words and phrases directly into the chat of the messenger. So later students can return to them or copy them.

After a lesson the teacher sends homework to the student via email or Skype.  4 hours before the lesson the student send his or her homework to the teacher. The teacher corrects or underlines the mistakes to talk them through and then correct at the beginning of the lesson.

A 30-min trial lesson can help to get a better understanding of learning language on Skype/Zoom. To start your course, you need to sign up for a trial lesson here.

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