How to say “me too” in Ukrainian

1. If you want to say in Ukrainian “too” (in the meaning “the same as”) use words “та́ко́ж”, “теж” or “так са́мо” (they are synonyms).

Let’s look at some examples:

  • Ви були́ в Іта́лії? Я теж! – Have you been to Italy? Me too! 
  • Їй подо́бається цей фі́льм, мені́  він та́ко́ж подо́бається. – She likes this movie, I like it too.
  • У вас сього́дні був уро́к? У нас так са́мо не було́. – Did you have a lesson today? We didn’t have either.

Note: person you need to use in the proper case form according to its grammar role in the sentence.

2. To say “the same as” use “те ж”, “те ж са́ме” or “те са́ме” . Please pay attention that “те ж” here we write separately, as two words.


  • Я ба́чив те ж, що й вони́. – I saw the same thing as them.
  • Що ти замовля́тимеш? Я замо́влю те ж са́ме, що й ти. – What will you order? I will order the same as you.
  • Це та са́ма люди́на, яку́ ми ба́чили рані́ше. – This is the same person we saw before.
  • Сього́дні ми обі́дали у то́му са́мому рестора́ні, що й учо́ра. –  Today we had lunch in the same restaurant as yesterday.

Note: the pronoun “те” we change according to the gender and case.