Interrogative sentences in Ukrainian & Russian

Interrogative sentences in Ukrainian & Russian

In Ukrainian & Russian we make interrogative sentences with intonation and question mark without any special changing of words order. However, question words normally come at the beginning of the sentence. More about words order in Ukrainian & Russian you can find in this article.

So, how are Questions formed in Ukrainian & Russian? Questions can be formed in different ways:

1. With the help of intonation.

Put a question mark in the end of a normal sentence and when speaking make your intonation go up at the end

Is Anna at work now?Анна зараз на роботі?Анна сейчас на работе?
Do you know the answer to this question?Ти знаєш відповідь на це питання?Ты знаешь ответ на этот вопрос?

2. By adding interrogative words at the beginning of the interrogative sentences.

interrogative words in Ukrainian and Russian
Who is at work now?Хто зараз на роботі?Кто сейчас на работе?
How much does it cost?Скільки це коштує?Сколько это стоит?
Where‘s the store here?Де тут магазин?Где здесь магазин?

3. With the help of particle “whether“:

  • Ukrainian: particle “чи” in the first place in the sentence (usually after it we put verb)
  • Russian: particle “ли” in the second place in the sentence (usually after verb)
Did you know that Anna is at work now?Чи знаєте ви, що Анна зараз на роботі?Знаете ли вы, что Анна сейчас на работе?
Is it true that you have been to the USA twice?Чи правда, що ви були в США два рази?Правда ли, что вы были в США два раза?
Will you be at the party tomorrow?Чи будеш ти завтра на вечірці?Будешь ли ты завтра на вечеринке?
Have there been many people in this cafe already?Чи багато людей вже було в цьому кафе?Много ли людей уже было в этом кафе?

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