Textbook “All about Russian cases” was created to help you deal with cases in Russian language.

In this book, we will only talk about cases and tell you everything about them.

The textbook is suitable for students who already have a basic knowledge of Russian and intended for all levels. It will be your faithful assistant during the entire language learning.

Each chapter is devoted to one case. First you learn tables with endings and exceptions, usage rules and case functions with examples. After that, practice each rule with exercises that you can check with the keys. Also in the book there is an additional chapter devoted to numerals in all case.

Cost: 27 € (eBook)

Cost: 33 (Paperback)

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Textbook All about Russian cases

What are «cases»?
Сases are grammatical forms of a word that indicate the connection of a particular word with other words in a sentence or phrase.

Depending on the case, the word can change its role in the sentence and have different endings.
In the sentences nouns can perform different roles (do an action or be the addressee of an action, etc.). Each role corresponds to the specific case, which in writing or speech we define with the help of a specific word ending.

In English, such roles are expressed by the word order or by prepositions, the change of the words order changes the meaning of the sentence: “Anna eats pizza” and “pizza eats Anna”. In Russian, we can change the order of words in
a sentence, since the role of the word is fixed by the case form (ending): “Анна ест пиццу” (“Anna eats pizza”) and “пиццу ест Анна” (“Anna eats pizza”). So if cases disappeared from the Russian language, we would stop understanding each other.

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