Black Friday. Courses sale

The discounts is valid from 23.11.2023 to 30.11.2023

30% OFF for Ukrainian Grammar Worksheets

Feel like you have a problem with a particular topic?

Purchase a Grammar Worksheets on this topic, with a grammar rules, examples and exercises.

  • The Future Tense in Ukrainian – 3 2,1
  • The locative case in Ukrainian – 3 2,1
  • The Vocative case in Ukrainian – 3 2,1
  • The Genitive case in Ukrainian – 5 3,5

25% OFF for Textbook “All about Russian cases” (eBook)

Textbook “All about Russian cases” was created to help you deal with cases in Russian language.

In this book, we will only talk about cases and tell you everything about them.

Cost: 27 20,25

25% OFF for the book Русские народные сказки. Russian folk tales

The book includes 12 Russian folk tales adapted for level A2-B1, collected by the Russian folklorist A.N. Afanasiev (1826-1871), with a list of vocabulary, audio and a link to the original for each tale.

Cost: 7 5,25

50% OFF for Russian Writing Course

If you would like

  • to understand what other people write by hand in Russian or what is written in italics in books or websites,
  • to learn how to write in cursive,
  • to increase your speed of handwriting and also
  • to include the mechanical memory in learning process,

you are welcome to Russian Handwriting Course!

Cost: 19,99$  9,99$

50% OFF for The course “Russian Verbs “to Learn”, “to Study”, “to Teach””

This course is for people who want to figure out the difference between Russian verbs учить – выучить, учиться – научиться, учиться – выучиться, изучать – изучить, обучаться – обучиться, обучать – обучить, учить – научить, преподавать – преподать, заниматься – заняться.

Cost: 19,99$  9,99$

Black Friday sale. Courses sale