Русские народные сказки. Russian folk tales


The book includes 12 Russian folk tales adapted for level A2-B1, collected by the Russian folklorist A.N. Afanasiev (1826-1871), with a list of vocabulary, audio and a link to the original for each tale.



The book suits for students of levels A1-B1 who wants to improve their listening and reading skills, get better aquatinted with Russian folk stories and spend their study time with pleasure.

Each tale has vocabulary list, QR code for audio and original tale (so that you can also read the unadapted stories)


  • Емеля-дурак
  • Волшебный дуб
  • Лиса и заяц
  • Лиса и журавль
  • Гуси-лебеди
  • Петух и боб
  • Лиса и рак
  • Охотник и его жена
  • Василиса Прекрасная
  • Как мужик гусей делил
  • Тёплый дом
  • Колобок