Russian verbs “to Learn” | “to Study” | “to Teach”



Current level: A1

Duration of video: 25 min

  • Differences between “учить”, “учиться”,  “научиться”, “выучиться”, “изучать”, “обучаться”, “обучить”,  “научить”, “преподавать”, “заниматься”,
  • Imperfective (НСВ) and perfective (СВ) forms of verbs “to Learn”, “to Study”, “to Teach”,
  • Short explanation of the differences between imperfective (НСВ) and perfective (СВ) forms of verbs in Russian,
  • conjugations of each verb,
  • examples with imperfective (НСВ) and perfective (СВ) verbs,
  • practical tasks.

Pdf file with Exercises (+ key and translations) and Homework